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File Locking In Go Part II


In the previous part, we discussed locks and how to use them. In this part, we will take a more complicated example where we will see how this is used in real life. We will wrap the lock functionality in a struct to abstract all the details and ensure that the experience is consistent across our applications. This might not be the case in all applications, but we will guarantee that we have a...

File Locking In Go Part I


Go is a very powerful language. It’s a general purpose language that is used in many ways. From building a scalable web application to building reliable system tools. In this article, we will be talking about File locks in go and how to use them so you can use this article as a reference. What Is File Lock And Why We Need it? It can be very cumbersome to deal with shared resources that are...

gRPC in Action


In this article, we will learn about gRPC and how we can use it by examples. First: What is gRPC? let’s take part of the word first, RPC: stands for Remote Procedure Call and it’s a mechanism used when you have client-server model in a shared network to transfer the data between the client and the server through a synchronous process and it’s called “Unary” which means when you send request...

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